Tantra is a path of spiritual evolution, expansion of consciousness and management of sexual energy (energy kunalini). Tantra is much more than just sex, it is an integral and holistic path that focuses our attention towards the inside. The sexual energy is creative, transforming, healing and liberating, not only located in the genital area. If our own existence was created by this wonderful energy, should not we learn to channel it properly?

The Tantra reminds you that you are the immensity of the sky, the space that contains everything, it is an internal revolution, it is to get rid of all the beliefs, moralities and concepts of the mind, to create the internal space that one needs to conceive the truth infinite and timeless, it gives us tools of understanding and acceptance of our nature that allow us to love ourselves and our neighbor, reconnect with our own essence.

With tantra we learn to work, feel and respect our body as our sacred temple as something that needs attention, love and continuous relaxation, something worthy of sensitivity, joy and expression.

How much time do you have available for you?