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Saisha, is a Tantra Goddess and Holistic Therapist of Caribbean origin, specialized in different therapies of healing by means of cuantic energy.

He has trained professionally with the best teachers in Europe and Asia.

  • Initiation to tantra, neotantra and sacred sexuality with the teachers Hari Dass and Amerai Carrera, Spain.
  • Tantric massage and sexual healing by the hand of the teacher Ma Nithya Kameshananda, India.
  • Awakening of the Kundalini energy, Ma Nithya Kameshananda and Saul Martinez.
  • Holistic Sexuality by the school of Sexuality and Spirituality Dr. Gabriela Santini. Access Bar Coach Consciousness.
  • Coaching in NLP and Emotional Intelligence in Emotion Spain.

Therapist specialized in relaxing, decontracting and sports massage. She uses aromatherapy, meditation and is a practitioner of traditional yoga.

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