Sexual healing is a fast, transformative and effective tool that helps you unlock and release what is stored in your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body. Sexual energy must flow in freedom because it is creative, transforming and healing; connects you with your own source, with your light, to attract to your life what you want.

Sexual energy has the power to heal you or make you sick, depending on how you use it. Pleasure is integrated when the sexual impulse is free of fear, shame, guilt and anger; only then does the sexual energy reach the heart. Sexual healing works on these four emotions, deeply rooted in both our conscious and our subconscious. We learn to decondition, deprogram and release our mind and body, and modify patterns to discover our true identity.

Through a complete massage, external and internal, we access your body -physical, emotional and energetic- and cross the layers of your conscious and unconscious to put sexuality at the service of your transformation beyond the visible. Thus, little by little, the body relaxes, expands, awakens and expands its vital force to be able to finally give in to the sensations that wait to be released. We then accept any emotion or feeling, without judgment, validating and integrating.