It is a ritual, it is the adoration of the body and its inner being, the Tantric massage can bring a new dimension to your life and your relationships, from the intense pleasure of spiritual connection. It is a meditation and energy balance for the awakening and ascension of the kundalini.

Through pranayama practices we reach a state of physical and mental relaxation, we are thus prepared to receive the sweet, compassionate and loving touches, our sensibility is increased and we can feel beyond the imaginable, our most sublime feelings are made present releasing all Mental conditioning and possible emotional imbalances.

A tantric massage is a deep spiritual ecstasy, pleasure transcends the limits of the genital feeling to expand to every corner of the body and beyond


Includes massage in the Lingan for Him and massage in the Yoni for Her.


Tantra is a powerful tool that joins and strengthens the couples who practise it at indescribable levels.

It is fascinating discovering, experimenting and enjoying all the advantages and benefits that the practise of tantra brings to the couple.

If you have any problem in your relationship, you do not understand each other, the sexual desire is lowered or different sexual disfunctions have appeared (such as premature ejaculation or anorgasmia), and you want to solve it, here you are different tools to try.

The opportunity to enjoy together the pleasure of being touched from the heart, with respect, presence and attentiveness, going together and in a synchronised way into a deep ecstasy, connecting sexuality with your heart.

Sexual healing is a fast, transformative and effective tool that helps you unlock and release what is stored in your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body. Sexual energy must flow freely because it is creative, transformative and healing; Connects you with your own source, with your light, to attract to your life that which you desire.

Sexual energy has the power to heal you or make you sick, depending on how you use it. Pleasure is integrated when the sexual impulse is free from fear, shame, guilt and rage; Only then does sexual energy reach the heart. Sexual healing works these four emotions, deeply rooted in both our conscious and our subconscious. We thus learn to decondition, deprogram and release our mind and body, and we modify patterns to discover our true identity.

Through a complete massage, external and internal, we access your body – physical, emotional and energetic – and we cross the layers of your conscious and unconscious to put sexuality at the service of your transformation beyond the visible. Thus, little by little, the body relaxes, expands, awakens and expands its life force in order to be able to abandon itself to the sensations that await liberation. We accept then any emotion or feeling, without judgment, validating and integrating.